March 24, 2020 5:43 pm

Keep In Touch

WarrPAC meets every week for our “Keep In Touch” session with the Council / CCG liaison.  Obviously this week’s meeting was rather unusual with events unfolding so rapidly.  Across our services, leaders are in a flurry of activity to keep up with latest guidance to keep our families safe.  Government guidelines are being constantly updated, and there’s a lot of work being done to make sure our local services match these guidelines.

We all understand how unsettling this is for our families, for example with home isolation and decisions around school opening changing constantly.  Please be reassured, however, that there are lots of people working really hard to make sure that our families are being supported in the best and safest way possible.  The Early Help team are running a skeleton staff from our children’s centres, and behind the scenes health, family support, social and transition workers are doing their upmost to support the health and welfare of our families.

Our weekly KIT meetings have been an important line of communication for Team WarrPAC, but now, more than ever, “Keep In Touch” is an essential message to us all.  Today’s meeting was via a phone conference as a necessary part of social distancing, but we urge all our families to keep in touch with your own support networks – family, friends and professional workers.  Team WarrPAC will also be responding to all messages from families via email and Facebook Messenger. By working together, we will get through this.

We are looking into ways to start up online contact with our membership, but in the interim, we shall still be posting on social media.  You are welcome to contact us via MESSENGER ON FACEBOOK` or VIA EMAIL.

We’ve included below the links that we circulated in our previous email as good sources of information.

Health and Information Resources

For the latest guidelines to keep yourselves and your families healthy, check out the NHS’S CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) PAGE.    This includes a link to the NHS111 service.

For the latest government guidelines, including social distancing and self isolation guidelines, check out the GOV.UK GUIDANCE HERE.

For local guidelines, check out WARRINGTON BOROUGH COUNCIL’S WEBSITE. this includes updated information on council services, and links to social care support.

Online and Education Resources

We would like to build up a list of websites that our members have found helpful, so we have CREATED THIS PAGE to store your favourites.  If you have any suggestions of websites / resources PLEASE EMAIL US HERE.

Please note: These sites have been suggested to us, but WarrPAC has no control over their content.  As with all internet use, parental control is recommended.

We send our best wishes to all of our families and professionals in these trying times.

Take care all

Team WarrPAC 💚

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