March 9, 2016 9:58 am

WarrPAC Work Wednesday – Integrated Services Panel [ISP]

Integrated Services Panel – ISP

One of WarrPAC’s strongest opportunities to influence and bring the issues of local families to the decision makers is the Integrated Services Panel [ISP]. This panel includes lead managers from Education, Health and Social Care and has the mission of working as a single team (integrated service) for local families to provide high quality provision.

Our friends as Ask Ollie describe the partnership’s vision…

The vision of the integrated service for children and young people with additional needs is:

– Improved outcomes for children & young people and their families & carers.
– Children and young people with special needs achieve well from their early years and lead happy and fulfilled lives.

The ISP is also in place to make sure that the Local Authority are being as inclusive as possible and putting children, young people and their families at the centre of any agenda.

For more information on the ISP and other services for families in Warrington visit Ask Ollie –…/education/25/integrate…

When we go to the ISP it’s important that we bring the realistic issues that are affecting multiple families. As you can understand, the ISP is not the forum to take individual family concerns, but we are happy to hear them as we can collect them together to establish how local families are feeling. That is why it’s important that as many families talk to us as possible, the more intelligence we gather, the more we can represent.

If there is a way you would like to share information, compliments or issues with us that we don’t already deliver, please get in touch. If you have an issue or compliment you would like to share with us, you can email us (with as much broad detail as possible) to

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