July 4, 2018 11:13 pm

WarrPAC Work Wednesday 4th July

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these updates, but the team has been SO busy this week that we thought it worth a mention!

Monday started with Jean and Sharon attending a regional meeting organised by the Council for Disabled Children looking at identifying solutions to social care challenges. In the evening Gail and Laura ran our first transition to adulthood ask away event.

Tuesday was our second transition event, with Andrea, Jean, Beccy, Sharon and Shmila joining professionals and parents to go through the issues.

Wednesday, Laura ran the drop in session at the Child Development Centre. Andrea and Sarah flew the WarrPAC flag at a Green Lane session. Our chair and vice-chair snook in a wee reflexology session (not WarrPAC related, tho Jean was still chatting WarrPAC whilst allegedly relaxing!)

Friday we’re doing our first session looking at ways to support autism, ADHD better – check out our coffee morning post.

Next week is another mega-busy week – We have our first Participation Steering Group Meeting with the Team and our professional partners; Andrea and Anne are running the Play and Leisure Forum; Jean and Sharon will be attending the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Forum Meeting; The Team will be working together to run the sensory area at Party in the Park with Disability Awareness Day closing the week with a bang!

Add to this a backdrop of some very stressful hospital appointments, illness affecting the team and our kiddies, seizures and chickenpox 😱😱 We are VERY proud of and grateful to Team WarrPAC this week for their dedication and hard work 💚💚💚

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Check in and Chat with Katie Watts(OT), Chrissy Skermer (SEND Commissioning Manager, WBC) & Katie Massey (SEND Team Manager, EHCP referrals and assessments)
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21st June 2024

Check in and Chat with Emma Shakespeare & Nicola Brislen

This week the team will be joined by Emma Shakespeare (Consultant Community Paediatrician and Clinical Director) & Nicola Brislen (Neurodevelopment Pathway Coordinator) who will be available to answer any general questions you have about the…

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