November 5, 2021 12:11 pm

Refocusing on ADHD, what has changed?

Sharing from the ADHD Foundation for those who would like to get involved.💚
Have you been diagnosed with ADHD – as a child or as an adult? Are you waiting for an assessment & diagnosis? We NEED to ensure your experience has been acted on to improve health & education services. Please complete this survey so we can make sure your voice is heard & services improve…

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Upcoming Events

Check in and Chat with Emma Shakespeare & Nicola Brislen
Check in and Chat with Katie Watts(OT), Chrissy Skermer (SEND Commissioning Manager, WBC) & Katie Massey (SEND Team Manager, EHCP referrals and assessments)
Check in and Chat with Claudette Winstanley – Speech and Language Therapist

21st June 2024

Check in and Chat with Emma Shakespeare & Nicola Brislen

This week the team will be joined by Emma Shakespeare (Consultant Community Paediatrician and Clinical Director) & Nicola Brislen (Neurodevelopment Pathway Coordinator) who will be available to answer any general questions you have about the…

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