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Annual Conference – Working Together Towards a SEND Friendly Warrington

Bookings are now being taken for our Annual Conference


Our annual conference this year is “Working together towards a SEND friendly Warrington” and we’re inviting all our parents and carers to join us on Friday 20th March. 💚
What is SEND and do I need to go?

SEND stands for “Special Educational Needs and Disabilities,” so whatever your baby / child / young person’s additional needs are – we want you there!
If you’re new to the world of SEND, come along and find out what’s available to support your family in Warrington.
If you’ve a SEND youngster – with or without a plan – come along to help make Warrington a better place for them to thrive in.
If you’re a SEND super-survivor – living the dream with “SEND” written in your core like a stick of Blackpool Rock – come along and join us to make Warrington a better place for your families and others joining the journey.
What’s “Working Together” about?

We’ve ran these conferences for quite a few years now, and its all about bringing together our parents and carers with the mover-shakers in Education, Health and Social Care. We’ve made good progress in the past, and things have moved on lots, but we’re still looking to improve services and fill in any gaps in support.

If you’re a professional partner – working alongside families with SEND, then this is your chance to Work Together to help inform and improve your service.
The conference will be held on Friday 20th March between 9.30 and 2.30 at the Halliwell Jones stadium.

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Mental Capacity and Decision Making Sessions

Short notice for these sessions, though they have been available on our website and Facebook for some time…..

Decisions Decisions

We all make decisions every day, some simple, some more complex. When supporting a young person with additional needs it is vital that we all understand how decisions about their lives are made to ensure their needs are met and rights protected’.

An information session for parents and carers about how decisions are made with and for young people and adults with additional needs.

The session will include:
• How mental capacity assessments are completed
• Information about the legal framework
• How decisions are made in a person’s best interest

There will be time to ask questions throughout the session and you will be given some written information to take away with you.

We have organised separate daytime and evening sessions, so that those that work through the day are also able to attend.
The daytime session will be held at Sandy Lane Children’s Centre, on Friday 7th February from 11am – 1pm

The evening session will be at Orford Youth Base on Tuesday 11th February from 6pm – 7.30pm.

SEND Surgery

Following on from our previous “Ask The Experts” sessions, we are running a “SEND Surgery” where professionals across all areas of Education, Health and Social Care services will be available to answer your questions and discuss any issues that you may have.

As with previous sessions, we ask you to send your queries / issues to us in advance so that we can ensure that the correct professional is available to discuss the issue with you.  You will then be allocated a time slot to attend on the day.

This is a great opportunity to talk directly with those professionals that run our services – don’t miss the chance to go direct to the organ grinder!!

This session will be held at Sandy Lane Children’s Centre, on Friday 28th February from 11am – 1pm

We are looking to run one of these sessions in the evening to allow working parents the opportunity to attend.


Book Your Place on the SEND Surgery

What else has your team been up to?

We are planning a separate mailshot to update our membership with all that Team WarrPAC has been up to on your behalf, but here’s a few things we’ve been doing this year:

  • Regular “Keep In Touch” meetings with Warrington Borough Council and Health services
  • Preparing For Adulthood workshops and steering group
  • Play and Leisure steering group
  • Child Development Centre drop in sessions
  • Coffee morning / afternoons
  • Regional meetings with other parent carer forums
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Mental Health steering group
  • Dads Matter – a group for male parents and carers
  • Organising all the events listed in this mailshot

As you can see, your team has been rather busy – and all the above is just this year!  Keep an eye on our website and social media for more updates.

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